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Roofs are always at the receiving end of the harshest weathers— from harsh winds and intense sunlight, to heavy rainfall and snowstorms. It can only take so much before enough is enough. No matter how indestructible your roof might seem (or was promised to be), it isn’t exempt from the damages that a vicious phenomenon may cause.

Your roof got stuck in a bad situation because of a hailstorm? Got (kind of) blown away because of a storm? You can’t neglect the prime thing that’s protecting your home— and the ones in it. If it’s looking a little worse for the wear, then it’s probably in your best interests to repair it. Or even replace the whole thing entirely. In short, you need some roofing job done.

And who else is the best man (or roofing company) for the job?

Best Roofing Cedar Rapids provides you with the best of the best for all your roofing needs. Whether it’s roof replacement or roof repair, or even roof cleaning— we got you covered. You don’t need to second guess our validity. We are, in fact, legitimate, acclaimed roofing contractors. If you’re still having second thoughts about us, well I guess we’ll let our
work speak for itself. You can browse our previous (super satisfied) clients’ testimonials— or better yet, you can see it for yourself when you hire us.

So, folks, if your home crown right in Cedar Rapids, IA is in need of a little fixer-upper, we got you covered. A little off on the mark from your location? Don’t worry about it. Our licensed contractors offer top-notch roofing services on Cedar Falls, Waterloo, and Independence IA, readily available— and just one call away. 24/7. We service around these areas.

So, What Do We Do, Exactly?

Roof Repair

We do complete roof repair & replacement in Cedar Rapids

Roof Installer

We'll install roofs for commercial,residential, and industrial property.

Rain Gutter

We'll install your seamless rain gutter in Cedar Rapids

Metal Roof

We assure that we do things right providing metal roof installation service of your choice.

Well, to keep it short— we do everything in our roofing company. Well at least everything roof-related. It’s our goal to give you the best service.

Need a roof installed? No problem. We got your back. Our experienced roofing contractors have done it hundreds of times.

What type is the best for your home? We have metal roofing which is a light-weight and durable structure. Actually, we’re the best metal roofers in Iowa. But if you want other options, we got PVC Roofing good for low slope roofs. And of course, the composite roof which is the most popular (and cheapest) option. No matter what it is and what it may be, we’re trained contractors to give you the best.

We’ll even let you pick the design whether it’s residential or commercial. You are the boss, we’re just the contractors. From gable roof to hip roof— to flat roof or slate roof, you can bet on us! Our professional roofers are friendly and happy to help you pick the design with their advice (but only if you ask for it!) Whatever your choice is, we promise we’ll deliver it to your expectations. Your roof, your rules.

Roof Needs a Whole Lot of Repairing?

Never fear, Best Roofing Cedar Rapids Contractors are here!

We specialize in every type of roof repair you can think of. Rest assured. From leaking roofs to gaping holes, cracked shingles to problematic rain gutters— just sit back and relax, and call us up. We’ll be there in a jiffy to revamp your roof, and protect the ones in it.

You can call for quotes from other roofing companies, but we are confident we do what they do,and we do it more. You can even get a free quote from us, without any obligations after! And of course, we give out warranties. We have the friendliest roofers in town. We’re confident that it will withstand the harsh conditions (we bet it on your warranty). And in that sense, have confidence in us. We won’t rip you off. We promise. We’re not that kind of roofing company. Let our reviews speak for us.

What Other Services Do You Offer?

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Well, if what we listed above is not quite what you’re looking for, don’t sweat it. We also offer roofing inspections for your peace of mind. Just in case you’re worrying about your roof’s condition. Contact our roofing contractors. They’ll check it out for you. And if your roof has gotten a bit moldy (mildew accumulated and all that)— we also deal with roof cleaning, to boot. Along with it, we also do rain gutter installations. We’ve done it all— and will do more in the near future.

The best thing is, you get all of this— at a very fair price. No daylight robberies. No talking over your head. No inflating the price later on. We won’t pressure you into availing our services— and we certainly won’t just up and leave halfway through the project. We’ll finish it and get it right until the client’s satisfied. Until you’re satisfied. And as professional contractors, we’ll do it on the first try. We do not just do business, we do service. This is why we got kind reviews for our roofing service as well.

Our roofing Company Professionals

But how do you know if you need our services and get hold of our company roofing professionals?

You might be confused. While some of our clients pick up the damage of a faulty roof quickly, most don’t even know that their roof is actually damaged already (because most roofing contractors don’t discuss these too), let alone what signs to look for.

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1. Your Roof is Celebrating its 25 th Birthday

And while 25 years is a long time— it’s all that your roof has. Usually. It all depends on the type of materials that were used and installation. But in most cases, 25-30 years is all your roof gets. Take a peek at your neighbors. If they’re already replacing theirs, you probably should too. If they are calling some other roofing companies, call us too.

2. Leaks

Big or small ruptures in the roof can lead to leaking inside the structure. Take a look at the room closest to the roof. If there’s any light beaming from the roof— take it from a quality roofing contractor. We’ve been working with these problems practically our whole lives. Before it gets any worse, let’s fix it.

3. Roof Shingles

If most of your roof shingles are curved, cracked or loose— we are sad to announce that it’s on its last legs. Check your rain gutters for any sign of granules too. If there is, a roof installation should probably be in order (from us, of course).

This Is Best Roofing Cedar Rapids

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If these ticked your boxes, then it’s official. You need Best Roofing Cedar Rapids— stat. But if you’re just in the process of building a house— you need us too (it must be hard to be searching for more companies). And we’re just one call away. You can just search ‘roofing company near me’… oh wait, that’s us. You can contact our master roofing installers at (insert number), or reach as at (insert email). We’re always happy to tend to your roof needs.