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Roof Ventilation: What you need to know

Roof Ventilation

People already know that almost all of the attics and roofs are ventilated. Are you aware and have you seen that ridge vent on the top of a roof?. What you may not be wary of, however, is that certain homes may not have proper ventilation or sometimes have no ventilation at all. Now, you may wonder if it is still essential to have a roof ventilation system?

Roofing Materials: Can Stand the Test of Time

Roofing Materials

As the expert roofing contractor in the business, Best Roofing Cedar Rapids has compiled the best materials for your roof. This is based on our roofer’s experiences and we made sure that you can choose the best for your residence. This article has the opinions of our local customers in Cedar Rapids. So, let’s not prolong the wait, below is the list our team made for the benefit of those who need it.

Molds And Algae On Your Roof: What To Do

Roof Algae and Molds

Several of the darkened thin objects found on roofs are actually fungi and not bacteria. There is a differentiation between bacteria and fungi and how your roof is damaged. Bacteria also depend on the Portland cement in shingle roofs, while fungi often thrive on plants and other organic compounds that are accumulated on your roof.

Why Should I Get Professional Roofing Services?

Why Should I Get Professional Roofing Services?

When it comes to matters of the house, the desire to take matters into your own hands can be very tempting. After all, in this modern age of technology, almost every problem can be searched in the internet and, viola, so many answers and DIY tutorials. But what we usually forget, and is probably the most important question of all, is how reliable are these answers? How do you know if this applies to your current situation and will it yield the same result?