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Believe me, we know.

It’s excruciatingly hard to pick which roofing company you can allow to work on your roof.  You can’t just whip out your phone and search ‘Cedar Rapids roofing contractor’ and pick out whatever. 

Since, let’s be honest— a little misjudgment on your part can cost you yet another thousand dollars in reparation. 

We don’t blame you for being cautious. Especially when there’s a rise in scammers out to take your money, or maybe even companies who just want to profit off you— without following through the promised ‘quality work’.

You gotta make sure that your roofing company is ethical as much as it is legitimate.

The question is, how?
cedar rapids roofing contractor

Screen your choices. And it’s gotta be really thorough. 

You can get your choices from local referrals, homeowners’ reviews or the web.

We’ll let you in on a little secret. You know how they all offer you a free quote? Get them and compare the prices.

Pick some in your price range. (But do note that prices can’t always guarantee quality.)

Take a look at their credentials. Manufacturer designations, licenses, reviews, insurance— all depending by state. They should be able to provide a copy for validation, and you should double-check it online. 

Make sure to handle your insurance claim yourself, as it could cause potential legal action against you.

Get an extensive warranty to assure you won’t pay for any mistake the roofers might have made.

It might take months to show up, and the contractor wouldn’t be liable if it wasn’t covered. 

You have a say in the materials to be used. Discussion should be advised.

Fortunately for our clients, Best Roofing Cedar Rapids is the Cedar Rapids roofing contractor to go for, whether you need installing or repairing.

Providing you with trusted services— with our credentials as backing. You can even check it! Call us at (319) 774-2468 now.

Can We Really Trust Your Roofing Company?