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The most controversial roof ever made. The flat roof has been steadily gaining popularity ever since large buildings have made its way into the bustling community. 

Yes, the people had a lot to say about this type of roof— and it’s not all good things, to be honest. 

All we ever hear about the flat roof is that it’s unstylish, and “How would the water even come down from there?” remarks.

Although, to be fair— these events could be possible. But one shouldn’t steer clear of the idea of flat roofs just because of this.

Not if the flat roof pros would have anything to say about it!
flat roof pros

It’s cheap. Very cheap. For both materials and installation. Labor costs are reduced because it’s easier and quicker to install than most roofs. Fewer repair costs over time as well.  

And, not to mention, it’s safer for the workers to tread on.

It can have an architectural appeal in the right setting.

Despite popular belief, it could be very modern-looking when set-up nicely. For real. (We vouch for this,)

Installing things like solar panels and satellites have never been easier.

Just slap it on (basically), and you’ve got it!

Maintenance is a breeze. Cleaning guttersrepairing damages? No problem-o!

It’s quite simple when you’re not stressing out about slipping and falling every time.

You could turn the roof into an outdoor space! 

A hang-out space, a garden sanctuary— an alternative dining room. The possibilities are endless!

It doesn’t take a long time to install— so it’s already practically move-in ready. In a flick of a finger, it’s done! 

Heck, it might even take less than a day!

Our flat roof pros, Best Roofing Cedar Rapids— offer you with the best of the best, in quality and in price, when it comes toinstalling your roofs. 

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