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Flat roofs have always been a very controversial subject in the topic of roofing.

Usually dubbed as ‘leak-prone’ and problematic— it has come a long way since then. Technology has upped the scales for any flat roof conceptions.

With its style and (upgraded) functionality, it’s in the heart of many design fanatics, as well as architectural considerations. 

Its history despite it’s modern looks made this a must-have choice for many property owners.

But unfortunately, some roofing companies still need to catch up on this.

Whether your roof is old, or just poorly installed— if it’s showing these signs of damage, you need to call up ‘flat roof repair near me’ before it gets any worse.
flat roof repair
Pooling water is the #1 complaint of flat roof owners. 

Since the surface isn’t in a slope, the water would have nowhere to go unless drained. When left unchecked, it could damage the roof’s structure. 

When pooling becomes excessive, replacement should be considered.

Cracks, splits, and tears are the easiest to spot, 

and is the most evident form of damage in any roof. If ignored, the water would seep in— and effectively weaken the structure.

When you see your roof bubbling up,

it’s probably because of the roofer’s workmanship, or weak insulation. If it’s not repaired, the bubbles would pop— leaving large holes in your roof. 

As all roofs are, flat roofs are prone to leaking.

When you see water actively dripping, you need to call in the pros, as soon as possible.

Mold growth is also a red flag.

It might not be serious, but if it is— then the issue could be caught on to before it’s too late.

And for ‘flat roof repair near me’, there is always Best Roofing Cedar Rapids to help you fix your flat roof issues in no time at all. 

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