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Gutter Maintenance - Tips & Tricks

BEST ROOFING CEDAR RAPIDS, as experts in the business, understand that a lot of us are saving money and want to know how professionals clean and maintain gutters. So our experts at your local service, Best Roofing Cedar Rapids, gathered easy tips and tricks and a reliable advice about proper gutter maintenance from our technicians to all both long-time and aspiring DIYers.

gutter maintenance

Tip & Trick

tip 1 Gutter Maintenance

When you climb the ladder and check your roof you will likely see compost made-up of decomposing leaves. Give great focus to this and your roof’s downspout. Keep in mind that water, rainwater, and accumulated water will not flow properly if leaves and debris pollute it, and you will end up with sagging gutters along with mildew and mud.

Tip & Trick

tip 2 Gutter Maintenance

To invest in fresh new gutter spikes is a great choice especially for maintenance and not just cleaning. This way the gutters are securely mounted once again.

Tip & Trick

tip 3 Gutter Maintenance

The next thing is to check damages on the gutters and boards. It can be leakage, holes, or cracks that are commonly found in the gutters. Also, check the sealings. It is advised to replace or reseal if there are any found.

Tip & Trick

tip 4 Gutter Maintenance

The first three steps should be done first before proceeding with tip #4. This tip is used when you are now cleaning the gutters. From a roofer technician’s point of view, pressure washing is the best way and the most effective way to clean and wash away debris and dirt on your gutters.

Tip & Trick

tip 5 Gutter Maintenance

If there is no pressure washer available, homeowners can use garden-hose. Although, a pressure washer is the most efficient way as mentioned above.

Tip & Trick

tip 6 Gutter Maintenance

When the further inspection is done and you noticed that there is rust in the pipes this means that the pipes are really old. You should consider replacing the old gutters with a new one, preferably vinyl or aluminum. If you are in a situation you are unable to do the replacement at the moment you can go with your old one. Sand them down until all the rust is taken off, paint with a good primer then paint again with a quality rust-inhibiting paint.

These tips and advice work in a general context. If there is a certain problem with your roof it is advised to consult an expert roofer to avoid further complication to the situation. The good news is that Best Roofing Cedar Rapids is providing a free quote by just calling (319) 774-2468 to get assistance. or visiting our website.

Gutter Maintenance – Tips & Tricks