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Do You Know What To Do When There Are Molds and Algae to Your Roof?

Several of the darkened thin objects found on roofs are actually fungi and not bacteria. There is a differentiation between bacteria and fungi and how your roof is damaged. Bacteria also depend on the Portland cement in shingle roofs, while fungi often thrive on plants and other organic compounds that are accumulated on your roof. People have done little to avoid spreading bacteria and dust mites through the air and falling on your roof, and you can help prevent growth of microorganisms by maintaining the shingles free of plant material. 

Owners in Cedar Rapids and surrounding counties usually let the mixture of bleach and water sit in the affected area for approximately 5 minutes, then rinse the mixture with a hose. However, for many reasons, bleach is not an appropriate solution: it kills and damages pant properties and it can hurt the current status of your roof tiles if it is left on for too long or not completely rinsed off.

Roof Algae and Molds


In reality, homeowners should avoid using this technique. Bleach when exposed in a large amount, is toxic to any life forms. There are safer and more environmentally safe procedures such as power washing, in removing unwanted debris in your property especially your roof.

Roofing Cleaning Kit

roof cleaning

It is advised to contact an authorized construction company or purchase a professional roofing-cleaning unit when doing such a tedious and risky task. It will cost more but will be worth it in the long-run. Professional roofers from Best Roofing Cedar Rapids are not only experienced but are properly skilled in handling any roof problems.

Tips Against Molds and Bacteria

Roof Algae and Molds

There are some easy ways to prevent mold and bacteria from turning on your newly renovated roof. It is easiest to apply a cleaning or repair product intended for long-term protection against the growth of algae and bacteria. General roofing maintenance tips to someone’s property are important to dissolve leaves , twigs and other organic compounds, good sanitation and daily maintenance helps in improving a mold-free roof.

In conclusion, maintenance of roof systems should be taken seriously to prolong the life expectancy of your roof. It is important that you clean and properly maintain your roof because it is the most susceptible to the harsh environment. The professional roofers from Best Roofing Cedar Rapids are always here to help. For more inquiries and information you can check our website. Also, you can call our team directly via telephone number (319) 774-2468 or sign the form to get a free quote today. .

Molds And Algae On Your Roof: What To Do