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Quick Facts You Should Know Before Solar Panel Installation

There is a rise in the trend of homeowners going from a traditional lifestyle to a sustainable lifestyle. This can go from using less or no plastics in shopping or purchases to the installation of sustainable energy resources right in the comfort of their homes. One of the most common installations is solar panels. Due to the availability of the sun, it is understandable that a lot of homeowners choose to install this in their residence. Usually, roof contractors are called to do this job, because where else do put a solar panel. Best roofing Cedar Rapids have compiled facts that everyone should know about solar panel installation.

solar panel installation

Check if residency or property is suitable for the panels

For the most obvious reasons, this should be your immediate thought before proceeding with any process. How do you know if your house or property is compatible with solar panels? Read the list below:

– Look out for shading. Solar panels are not effective when there is a presence of shade. Of course, it needs exposure to sunlight. If there is a lot of shade in your property then it’s either the panels won’t work or they can’t accumulate enough energy from the sun.

– Power bills. In order to qualify for solar panels, you must have at least $300 per quarter for your electricity bill. To put it in simple words, the higher your electricity bill is the more you can get from solar panels.

– Direction. Now, you have to decide which direction should your panels be installed. It’s not vital but still important because you should get the best out of your panels.

Choosing the right Panel/Inverter for Your Home

Yes, there are options to choose from, different companies provide different panels/inverters, so caution should be observed when in the process of purchase. Different properties have different needs, different advantages, and disadvantages. Thus, with the help of technology, we can have a choice.

PANELS – top dollar doesn’t mean the best and the most secure. One said to have special properties are mostly untrue so stay away from it. It is best to contact a local contractor and get yourself a free quote. (Check Best Roofing Cedar Rapids website and get a free quote today – coupons and discounts are also available).

INVERTER – If you see and plan to stay in your place for a long time it is best to invest top dollar on this, contrary to panels.

All information here is from the knowledge and experience of our trained roofers and professionals. Although you have been provided with sufficient information it is advised that you consult a professional or a local contractor for best results.

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Quick Facts You Should Know Before Solar Panel Installation