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Is Your Roof Prepared For the Winter?

 Winter is probably one of the more harsher seasons— especially for your roof’s well-being. 

Hopefully, your roof has had its fair share of roof inspections to get you through fall season— but if not, we still have more than enough time to prepare your roof for this  unforgiving winter.

Clogged drains? Faulty insulation? Leaks? Roof issues that haven’t been fixed yet should be done so before snow takes your city on. We all know what happens when an unmaintained roof taking on daily freezing or thawing cycles. 

Yep, it isn’t gonna be pretty, we can tell you that much.

So, how can we homeowners— fully prepare our roofs for the oncoming winter season?\

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Repairing existing issues

Fixing your roof’s damages, sooner rather than later— could save you a lot of bucks down the road. Cold temperatures could easily worsen your previous problems. So, do a quick check for flashing, leaks, seam separation, blisters— or any other disservices that may exist.

Roof coatings

Single-ply membranes can be a losing gamble against cold and ice. To be frank, it isn’t  a gamble you should play at all! It could, potentially mean the end of its service after all these years… but in the dead of winter? A roof replacement shouldn’t happen around the time you need your roof the most.

Coatings (for roofs that are applicable), are a great way to protect your roof from snow. A professional would fix the flashing, the leaks, before applying the coat. 

It isn’t a job for just anyone, though. A legitimate roofing company is your best bet when it comes to high quality roofing.

And for all of these, why don’t you go with the best roofing in Cedar Rapids? Best Roofing Cedar Rapids, is simply the best for making your roof— winter-proof.

Is Your Roof Prepared For the Winter?