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In building a new home or renovating your current house, there is one specific part that needs special attention. Roofs are essential structural parts of a house as much as the walls and the floor. With the walls, you can hire anyone to paint the interior or even join forces with your family to do it on your own. Your nice neighbor who knows a thing or two can help with fixing your floorboards for you. But that is not the case with roofs that are the first line of defense against the elements.

When it comes to roof installation and maintenance in your residential or commercial area, you will want the hands on deck to be professionals with years of experience in their bags. Everyone wants the best for their beloved home and there is nothing wrong in wanting to work with a reputable local roofing contractor or company for installation and repair works. 

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And to ensure that you hire a certified roofing company or contractor, Best Roofing Cedar Rapids is here to give you an insight on some information you should ask a company before working with them.

1. Verify Basic Information

From their business name to contact number to the address, don’t feel absurd if you want to ask that because you’re only making sure that they’re a real and legitimate and official company. Don’t work with companies that make you feel guilty for asking simple questions like member reputation.

2. Licensed and Experienced

Ask how long a company has been at the field and if they’re licensed. They say that with age comes wisdom so the longer they have been in business, the more experience they’ll have at managing different situations when it comes to roofing. While not required in other states, a license is an incredible bonus to keep you at ease about their ability or quality and you will be able to hold them accountable if anything goes wrong.

3. Insurance and Warranty

It is MUST to ask for this information. From insurance for their workers to general liability, you should ask this beforehand so that in the case of damage to your property or an employee’s injury, the company will be the one to take care of the expenses. Make sure that the warranty of your new roof is at least one year. Our contractor won’t let you down as we handle your official concern.

4. Installment of Drip Edge and Protection of Gutters

Ask your potential roof contractor if they plan on installing a drip edge in order to protect the fascia from damage caused by running water. Furthermore, they should also ensure that in the process, they won’t be causing any damage to your roof’s gutter. Check in the quality of the products use. 

5. Process of Roof Replacement

They may be the professionals to do the work, but you as the client should also be aware of the whole process of roof replacement or installation from start to finish and how long it would take. After all, the key to having a good working relationship between the contractor, company personnel and homeowner is transparency.

Roofing Contractors in Cedar Rapids

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We guarantee that we’ve got all of those bases covered and from materials to the materials used are up to date and top-notch. Whether you’re looking for roof replacement, installation, or roof leak repair, Best Roofing Cedar Rapids is one of Iowa’s best when it comes to local roofing company services. We specialized in residential, commercial and industrial spaces. Your service call is important to us. Our roofer we’ll be serving your area anytime you need us. 


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Our 24/7 services are always available to everyone, anytime, anywhere in Cedar Rapids, Iowa (if your zip codes are 52227, 52228, 52233, 52324, 52338, 52401-11, 52497-99, then you’re more than sure now). Just like the areas that we  handle and service around Cedar Rapids Museum of Art, Bever Park, National Czech and Slovak Library and Museum, and Cedar Rivers, Best Roofing Cedar Rapids is here to serve you with the finest roofs in town – with just a simple phone call to Iowa’s premium roofing contractors for free estimates.