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Unwanted Error: Your Roofing DIY Error 707 You Should Avoid

Let’s face it, home maintenance is not exactly cheap and more often than not, we end up trying to save as much as we can by buying low quality materials or doing things by ourselves. After all, there’s plenty of tutorials that can be found with just a few clicks so it’s a win-win situation, right? Well, some folks are lucky enough to chance upon effective solutions to their roofing problems while others. . .not so much. More often than not, they end up making the small leaking problem into a full-blown hole disaster.

While it’s really advisable to just contact a professional roofing contractor to take care of your roofing problems, we don’t hold anything against those who have their own reasons to choose taking matters into their own hands. However, here is a list of things that may cause more damage to your roof.

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1. Walking and Inspecting Damage

The intention may be good but most of the time this causes more harm than anything else. Not only are you putting yourself in danger, you may cause damage and leaks by walking on shingles and flashing.

2. Plastering New Shingles On Top of the Old

Every professional roofing contractor knows that installing new shingles without removing the old ones is like putting a death sentence on your roof. Not only does this process cause decay and rotting, wrong nailing may also cause leaks.

3. Nails In The Wrong Spot

Using too few nails or way too many both have their consequences which is why installing shingles is too tricky. They should be driven into the correct spot with a specific number of nails or else you’ll be faced with more trouble.

4. Selecting Poor Materials

To some owners, roofing materials such as shingles all look the same and just settles for the prettiest looking ones. Little do they know that quality and effective materials vary depending on your environment and picking the wrong ones may eventually lead to rotting or leaks.

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Roofing DIY Error 707