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Are You Sure that Your Roof Can Withstand Harsh Weather? Think Twice, Learn More About Roof Weathering

As the expert roofing contractor in the business, Best Roofing Cedar Rapids has compiled the best materials for your roof. This is based on our roofer’s experiences and we made sure that you can choose the best for your residence. This article has the opinions of our local customers in Cedar Rapids. So, let’s not prolong the wait, below is the list our team made for the benefit of those who need it.

roof weathering

Asphalt - Roll Roofing

asphalt Roof

Used in alternating courses for relatively flat pitches, such as shed roofs that have an angle, are built by laying layers of bands along the length of the roof. This is a surprisingly straightforward and comfortable material to construct, and this has been managed by many DIYers themselves. But for sheds, garages, and maybe porch roofs, it is best suited and is not a very good option for most home roofs.

Built-Up Roofing (BUR)

Built-Up Roofing

A built-up roof (BUR) is also a layering roof formed by alternating strips of felt and water-rejecting building components such as fiberglass and bitumen (hot tar). BUR roof is fire-resistant and cheap, but the roofing is unpleasant and filthy to install, generally used on roofs that are flat or with a very slight pitch.

Composite Asphalt Shingle Roof

Roofing Weather

The most common of all roofing materials, used in more than 80 percent of all homes, is composite shingle roofing. Composite shingles use either an asphalt-saturated organic or fiberglass foundation, covered with asphalt on the bottom layer, and an exposed surface impregnated with small slate, schist, quartz, or ceramic granule chips.

The tremendous popularity of shingles is attributed to the relatively low cost, ease of installation, and appropriate life expectancy. These roofs are typically installed by experienced crews, but for a qualified DIYer, the installation wouldn’t be out of control.

It is vital that you choose the perfect material for your roof that depends on your environment, budget, and style. Remember that research is key and also, an opinion from expert technicians, contractors just like Best Roofing Cedar Rapids. These are just a few of the materials we have compiled for our beloved Cedar Rapids community. 

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