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It’s a known fact that siding makes all the difference when it comes to houses. It’s protective barrier from water has been a great deal for homeowners who want to keep the foundation in ship-shape. And, it looks good.

So naturally, people would gravitate to installing one of these bad boys. Slap it on to your exterior walls, and bam!

Nothing— not rain, nor snow, can bring your house down now.

But is it really that easy? Without professional siding and gutter contractors? Putting it in place without any prior knowledge could do more harm than good.

We’ll give you a rundown what you could be doing wrong.
siding and gutter contractors
Price doesn’t always dictate something’s value— 

but when your vinyl is suspiciously cheaper than those in the market, expect to deal with even less than what you bargained for.

When siding is nailed too tightly—

it won’t have room to expand when the temperature goes up. And when it happens, the siding would crack inevitably.

Improper placement

can happen when the siding is too close to the roof or to the ground. It would pick up moisture, then get mold and mildew, then possibly broken down.

Being stingy

with your nails could also cause problems with the structure. The siding would droop more and more, every time it’s windy.

Too much overlap

in the siding could warp its appearance, causing it to look wavy.

And lastly,

Not hiring a professional

Sure, doing it by yourself could save you by a lot more. But when it’s not done properly— your DIY siding would be more trouble than it was ever worth. 

So, don’t give yourself a headache.

There are a lot of siding and gutter contractors that could help you waterproof your exterior walls at a fair price.

We at Best Roofing Cedar Rapids— pride ourselves in our work. We’re sure we can do the best for you and your home. 

Siding Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

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