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What are Slate Roofers?

Roofers are, quite frankly, one of the best people to ever exist. (Aside from you, of course.)

Sure, it looks like a plain job. We’re talking about people who fix and install roofs, for god’s sake! But, the fact of the matter is, roofs can actually be a surprisingly interesting topic and the slate roofers, as well. 

Okay, let’s go from the basics.  

If you don’t know roofs, then… too bad for you. They’re literally everywhere! (Unless you live in a place that has no houses—either a forest or… in the middle of nowhere. Yeah, I hope not.) Roofs are the structure that lies above your house and does a large percentage of protecting you from the searing sun or the frosty raindrops! It’s your shield, and it’s a shame no one pays much attention to it.

Slate roofers

Aside from being your protection, it also serves as an aesthetic cue

The one thing that ties together the style you’re going for. You see, the world of roofing is diverse in its own right. There are a ton of materials and tile shapes and styles to choose from. This makes every roof unique from each other, and adds their own personal touch for the house.

The tiles, most commonly referred to as... shingles

(I can never take the term shingles seriously, because of how funny it sounds.) are made of a range of materials. It can be stone or metal (see metal roofing) —anything the homeowner wants. There is this material called ‘slate’, that falls to the more rock-y side.

Slates are metamorphic rocks and they are a top pick for roof material

Not only because they’re so resistant from cracks and chipping—which are the most despised things of an avid home caretaker along with roofers! 

Slate roofs are probably the most ideal because not only is it strong

It’s also less absorbent to water which saves you from frost damage! Slate is so popular that it’s used for blackboards, floor tiles, countertops, and so much more. Did I mention it’s fireproof and is also a beautiful rock that has diversity in terms of color and looks?

Yeah, slate rocks.

However, as much as slate is a gift from the heavens for roof fans and roofers alike, it still has its downsides. First of all, slate is heavy, encompassing from 80-150 pounds per square. Another scary part is the installment of slate roofs.

Any roof—including slate—needs to be installed properly or else, you’ll suffer from leaks, unaligned tiles which looks so infuriating and getting the feelings that you don’t have a roof at all. Roof installation is hard, man. Slate roofs need to be nailed properly and should be secure, so that the tiles won’t fall off. The angling of it and the placement of each tile must be accurate. It may look easy when you watch from afar, but if you’re the one handling the job? Not so easy.

This is why I told you that slate roofers are the best because they handle this job superbly. I mean, of course! They’re pros at this and they’re the ones doing the all the dirty work for you with finesse. They’re the real deal and it only costs a fair bit of money, a quick talk with them, and you’re good to go. 

So, if your slate roof is dying to get a repair or you need a great installment for a new one, slate roofers are there to do their job. Contact us today now!

What are Slate Roofers?