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Top 4 Roof Maintenance Faux Pas

Almost everyone can agree that one of their biggest accomplishments in life is being able to place of their own to call home. Most of the time, we try to make sure that every part of that is accounted for in terms of safety and making sure they won’t get damaged. From hiring the best possible roofing company to install the roof to going out of their way to buy the best quality materials, home owners don’t take any chances when it comes to their house.

But what if unbeknownst to you, despite all your efforts, it might be for nought if you did these things that you should never do to your roof.

Top 4 Roof Maintenance Faux Pas

1. Walking On The Roof

While it might be tempting to reenact some movie scenes or getting up there to inspect your roof, doing this is not good for your roof in the long run. Not only are you putting yourself in potential harm, walking on the roof causes granules in shingles to fall off.

2. Pulling Shingles To Look For Water Leaks

You’ll only make matters worse for your roof if you start pulling off the shingles to find the source of leaks. Chances are, you won’t find were it’s originating from and you created a new problem for yourself.

3. Failure To Remove Debris

Whether that’s twigs and tree branches swept by a storm or some seeds and droppings left by stray animals, it’s never a good idea to ignore debris that ended up piling up on your roof. They’re a complete recipe for disaster. . .or in this case, roof decay and leak.

4. Covering Old Roof With A New Roof

Saving money is incredibly tempting. But trust us when we say this just isn’t worth it. Hire a company to remove and replace the old roof in the right way instead of simply covering it up.

If you have any other questions regarding roof maintenance and roofing services, contact Best Roofing Cedar Rapids now! We’re here to help you keep your home as pristine as they can be.

Top 4 Roof Maintenance Faux Pas